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As a former teacher of preschoolers — one of my most popular reminders to my students was “to share.”   The constant reminder that “items” were not personal property — but were there for all to enjoy.

So, now, as a citizen of a digital world….it has not been hard for me to continue that concept online.   I enjoy sharing…..very much.  To be honest, I am proud of my ideas and not only enjoy sharing them out — but then also seeing how others make them work in their own classrooms.

There is a struggle (ever so often) on personal ownership – and the ability to make $$ based on my ideas as well……but I try to squelch that as often as I can….and make an effort to share more ideas freely than manipulate financial gain.   (that is my goal for myself….not an expectation for you!)

So….here YOU are…..a citizen of a digital world…..and I am encouraging you to share too……

But where do I share? — you might ask.

First of all — and you will hear this again and again — you need to be on twitter.   The amount of FREE sharing that happens 365/24/7 is astounding!!  Even if you never ever post a tweet (at first) but just follow the tweets of at least 10 educators — I promise YOU WILL LEARN A GREAT DEAL.    Then, you will see how easy it is to share — and you will add your voice to the mix as well.
~~Share out what is happening in your classroom, share a question that you need an answer to, answer a question you know can help with, share out a blog you have read, share out about a conference you attended.  If you think it — you might wish to twitter it.

Secondly — check out pinterest.  It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words.  And if you are already grabbing ideas from the internet, start pinteresting the sites you get ideas from — and then share your boards with others.
~~Create a board of your bulletin boards, create a seasonal board of art ideas, create a board of math or science or history or literature….etc, create a board of cute quips or quotes or teacher funnies, create a board about your classroom setup, etc.

Thirdly — consider having a blog and posting your thoughts.  Sure, it takes a wee bit of courage to share out your thoughts — and it takes a bit more courage to then allow comments where people can agree or disagree with your ideas…..but in the long run, it is soooo very worth it.   (Check out weebly, edublogs, wordpress, or kidblog for blogging sites.)
~~Blog about your daily schedule, an interesting learning moment in your classroom, your thoughts about _________________ (fill in the blank), a reflection about a blog you read or a conference you attended, etc!

Also, if you really really enjoy creating content for your classroom — consider sharing on Teachers Pay Teachers!!    Teachers are always looking for quality and creative ideas to use in their classroom.
~~Create a book study, share a powerpoint, turn boring worksheets into a creative classroom ideas, etc.

Finally, share out your presentations and your handouts from sessions you have taught.  Whether you upload them to google docs and share them out, or upload them to slideshare, or use your own website/blog/wiki, or even post them to youtube — start sharing your “presentation” with people beyond those who just attended the session!

The availability of online locations that you can start sharing is vast!!  Start looking for one or two areas that you can extend your voice on the network.   And then start sharing — so we can all learn from your ideas


Just in case you did not know —
This is where I share:

Twitter:  https://twitter.com/jenwagner
Pinterest:  http://pinterest.com/projectsbyjen/
Blog:  http://www.projectsbyjen.com/blog & http://www.projectsbyjen.com/GTW
Teachers Pay Teachers:  http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Projectsbyjencom
Presentations:  http://projectsbyjen.com/resources.htm & http://www.slideshare.net/JenniferW

Please feel free to share where you share — in the comment area below!

Thank youJen

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