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This past Saturday, I journeyed down to the San Gabriel Valley Cue conference.   I was to share out about the Spaghetti/Marshmallow Challenge and help with the Green Screen Area.

The day began very early in the morning as I met up with Brent Coley to carpool over to the conference.  Brent has been a good friend for almost 10 years now and our conversations are always wonderful.

We talked a lot about our campuses on the way and LOTS of chat about changing homework policies — both our campuses are looking at this situation!

Once I got to the conference — it was great to see lots of friends!

The opening keynote was good, some nice conversations with neighbors as we discussed some of the questions thrown out.

After the keynote, I wandered over to help with Green Screen area and meet up with Anita (new friend).   As we got acquainted and looked through the ipads/apps/etc….she showed TOUCHCAST to me.  ( and it was a HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY moment.   Another happy moment was when a large group from a school came up to take a group shot — which we showed how to do this — and then another member walked up — after the shot — and we were able to add them in by using the green screen.

Quick lunch and then on to share about the Spaghetti/Marshmallow Project.  It is one of those “non-tech” projects but a wonderful opportunity for collaboration!  There were about 30 people in the session and EVERYONE participated.   Some with great success (24 inches high) and some with great learning (it fell just at the 18 minute mark).










(picture courtesy of John Martinez)

A lot of learning — a lot of fun — a lot of collaboration — and almost everyone saw how this could be used within a variety of grade levels.

The final session was spent again at the Green Screen area — and I teamed up with a few of the teenagers in the Robot Area to fly their drone in front of the green screen and then merged with a picture found in Photos4Class.





Before we knew it — the conference was over and we were driving back home.   Most of the conversation on the way home was more TV based — Walking Dead (Brent’s topic) — This is Us and Designated Survivor (me).   But still a very nice chat.

It was a nice conference….good to see friends — learned two very good new ideas and also met some new people — and what I shared out was received well.

Nice day!   And we get to do it again in a few weeks for San Diego Cue!



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  1. Elise Jenkins says:

    I love the spaghetti marshmallow challenge! We did it as a staff team building exercise at the beginning of the year. Fun to watch a bunch of adults building structures and playing with their food. Definitely emphasized the importance of collaborating and working together.

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