Some new names to follow — #notatiste18

A few weeks ago, ISTE18 took place in Chicago and #notatiste18 took place online.   We have a large group of members with about 300 actively participating.

One new addition to #notatiste is having a daily challenge where participants respond to a question.   Besides the badge share (click here to visit it) — this is my favorite part of the group.   Even though we are not sitting around the same table chatting, it does feel that way and we get to know each other better.

Some questions this year included “how long have you been teaching?” “how do you get to work” “what did you learn from a teacher when you were in school that you carried over to your classroom?”

However, for this blog post, I wanted to share the answers to this question:

Here are the responses in order of posting —
I would encourage you to visit their twitter page!
Enjoy adding some new voices to your twitter conversations!

Robert Pronovost
Vicky Sedgwick
Tricia Fuglestad
Julie Davis
Natalie Beach
Heather Warrell
Rabbi Michael Cohen
Valerie R. Burton
Jennifer Kimbrell
Brownyn Joyce
Amy Storer
Claudii Zavala Jr
Bill Fitzgerald
Aubrey Reh
Cori Coburn-Shiftlett
Shawn Reed
Carol McLaughlin
Janie Hachen
Sra. MLluch
Amy Willis Burns
Theresa Ducassoux
Joe Merrill
Kristin Merrill
Sean Fahey
John Martin
Rodney Turner
Ginger Lewman
Josh Howard
Todd Nesloney
Jen Roberts
Craig Klement
Deepti Sawhney
Susan Gilley
Spencer Kiper
Tammy Seneca
Leigha Burnham
Hollie Sisk
Monica Spillman

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