Talking With Parents

In October, of this year, I journeyed down to St. John’s Lutheran in Orange County to talk with the teachers about Digital Footprints — you can visit the ideas we shared here:

At the end of the session, I was approached with the request to return and speak with Middle School Parents.   I said okay and then quickly DMed my pal, Sean Williams, to ask him to co-present.  And he said yes.   🙂

So, when a date was confirmed, Sean started a google doc which we built together and he also started the presentation and we were ready to go.   But sadly, due to an unexpected family issue — Sean called to say he could not come.

Augh — but OKAY — cuz I like to think I am flexible…… after my panic, I drove down to the school, enlisted Dennis to be the backup, and got ready to share with parents.

We had 2 major objectives.
#1   We wanted to not use SCARE TACTICS but to use AWARE TECHNIQUES
#2  And we wanted to have them walking away with a real positive plan for helping their child with their digital footprint

And we also wanted to be honest with them — so we would bring up COPPA and CIPA (since St John’s is a laptop school and the filter does follow the kids home.)

We created an acrostic to help the parents remember positive ways to work with their child.

and gave examples with each letter.   With good discussion with the parents.

After we shared, and they shared — we had about 30 minutes of questions which concluded with plans to have a part 2 of this session and to also make it mandatory for all new parents.   (so I think they felt the time spent was helpful)

Here is the presentation if you wish to view it:

and there is a delicious feed of links and also a survey of help from my twitter friends to share with the parents as well
and a poster I created:



  1. sean williams says:

    I loved working with you and how well everything went, well right up to the end. I love, love, loved the acrostic and I am glad to see you sharing it here. I was confident the evening would be a success and so happy it went so well for you!
    I like the new, seasonal look around here too 🙂

  2. Chad Lehman says:

    The acrostic poem is outstanding.

  3. DENnis Grice says:

    Thanks so much for the work you and Sean put into this presentation. It was fun presenting with you. I particularly like the PACT document, helping parents come up with a plan for online activity at home.
    The parents in attendance expressed a desire for more of these types of meetings. We definitely got them talking.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Smiles, thanks.
    It was even better when I spelled “Nurture” correctly.

    Thanks so much to a DEN and IL bud who quietly told me in Twitter of the spelling error. 🙂

  5. ktenkely says:

    I really like the acrostic! Nicely done!

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