The “APP’les of my eye

To say that ipads are HUGE on our campus would be an understatement.   We had a cart of 30 — then we purchased an additional cart of 25 — and will be purchasing another 30 this summer.

We are a PC, ipad, and iMac lab — and I could not be happier.   The opportunities at my students fingertips are great and we enjoy much as we learn a lot.

So — I thought I would take the time and share with you some of the “APPS” my students and I both enjoy and learn with.

Some cost — but are worth every penny.
Many are free — and thank you thank you thank you to the companies who provide free apps.


If I could only have 1 app on my ipad (besides the camera) this would be it.   It allows my students to create in so many different ways.   The usability of this app has echoed over into the classroom and at least 6 teachers used it OUTSIDE the lab this year.   (that is HUGE)


The Duck Duck Moose app that I go most often is Draw and Tell.   The Duck Duck Moose app that my students love the most is Moose Math.
We all love chatterpix.   I had purchased some of these apps before they became free!  (but do appreciate that they are free now)


These apps are brand new to our lab/classrooms this year — and such fun + such learning.   The kiddos LOVE the chef apps and are reinforcing and learning math skills as they create yummy foods.  The Tiggly adventure was a bit hard for my students and it was good to see them struggle and then succeed as they figured things out and then shared their learning with each other.
**We have used Subtraction, Chef, Cardtoons, Adventure, Draw

Zoombini’s — $4.99 (and worth it!)

I loved loved loved this program in the 90’s and still love it today.   The higher level thinking skills in this app are probably the best I have ever seen.   The students cannot just drag and drop in this app.  There is problem solving at every single destination w/ 4 levels of learning.   Students can play in JOURNEY mode or PRACTICE mode!

Keynote, Pages, Garage Band — ALL FREE

We had originally paid for these on 5 of our old ipads and then they came free on our new ipads…and now they are free for all!   YEAH!!
We are a 365 campus on our PCs and I am pleased that my students are learning skills rather than programs in that they can choose how they would like to create.   Kids are creating big time with these apps!

CloudArt App — .99cents

I am a huge fan of wordle…..always have been, probably always will be.  Probably one of the reasons why I love this app.   Students can type (or talk) in words or grab info from a website and then create a word cloud picture.  They have a large choice of formatting options and the ability to save and share in different ways.

TocaBoca — Sometimes free

Keep an eye on the Toca Boca apps and when one is free — grab it.
My students enjoy a lot of these apps but the one that STAYS on our ipads is Toca Builders:

I check every Friday and if there is a Toca Boca app for free, I download it.
Just a disclaimer — some of their apps have some (to me) unnecessary choices (like in the school, there is a bathroom and toilet area — which is a distraction to my students) — just FYI.

Hoopa City 1 — .99cents
Hoopa City 2 — $2.99

Another app we found for free and fell in love with!   Hoopa City is an excellent app for building, problem solving, and creation.  #1 has more things you can build (at this time) but #2 is more interactive (you can pick up your people and place them into buildings).   It is the #1 app my students ask for when we have “free” time in the lab.   It is the #1 app I go to when I have “free” time.

Often I will introduce an app in the lab (such as Mathseeds) and then encourage the teacher to use it within their classroom setting.   This is helping a great deal overcome teacher timidity with something new.   And this allows the student to help teach the teacher something as well.


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