The End Of An Era

Date:  December 1999
O.R.E.O. Project began……
My first online project!!


After attending the Classroom Connect Conference, I wandered into the world of hosting online projects.   Starting with 1 project a year, eventually 2, for a few years 6, and then back to 2 to 4.

I have met wonderful teachers……truly!
I have heard of wonderful classroom experiences.
I have had the opportunity to connect several teachers together and watch them flourish new ideas and opportunities as a team.
I have had 2 letters from students who participated in my projects who are now teachers hosting the projects with their own students.
I have won several awards for my ideas.
I have been able to share at many conferences around North America to share about the power of online projects!
I have encouraged several teachers to HOST their OWN projects and seen their success!!!
It has been a very nice 20 years.

But — it will be coming to an end this December 2019.

The Holiday Card Project 2019 will be my last project with ProjectsByJen.

It has been a good run — but with my current health situation — you can read more here: — I’m going to step away for a bit and take care of me.

I’m going to be letting the projectsbyjen website go this spring —
so please bookmark — — so that we can keep in touch.

As I know more — who knows, I might even start planning new ways that teachers can collaborate and connect…… and if you want notification about that — you can join my remind group at:

It has been my joy to work with you — and your students.
It has been my joy to connect with you — and help you in your classroom.
It has been my joy to have met so many of you face to fact — and also to have felt a kindred spirit though many of us have not met.

Keep being the great teachers you are —
Keep looking for ways to connect!

Thank you for trusting me in your classroom.

Holiday Card Registration begins this November!

Hope to see you involved.


PS:  I will be moving my blog to — see you there!
If you wish to comment — you can there!   THANK YOU


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  1. Debra Burmeister says:

    You are a true inspiration to all of us. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily. I have enjoyed using your projects over the years and completely understand your desire to take care of yourself. I wish you good health and good spirits as you move forward.