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You know — as soon as you begin to write a blog post of who you spent time with at a conference — the chances of you forgetting someone becomes inevitable… to preface this post, I apologize if I leave you off.  It was not intentional…but hopefully forgivable.


I enjoy friends.   As I was growing up — I went to a summer camp one time a year — and looked forward to seeing friends — good friends — which I only spent time with during that week.    The concentration of conversations during a “camp” or “conference” venue is quite intense and often exceeds those conversations you have with people you see daily.   In my youth — I very much looked forward to camp—-and now I look forward to conferences.

As I mentioned in a previous post — my administrator — @camstevens76 came along with me to CUE and while in the newbie session….we received a text from @octechguy and he met up with us and we wandered over to meet @hdiblasi .   This was an especially fun moment for me because Alan and Howie are BOTH Disney “FAN”atics — and it was great to see them chat about all things disney!!

During my time at the Blogger’s Cafe — it was good to catch up with  @stevehargadon and @adinasullivan and @bbarreda and James Kosako — and even nicer to head across to street for a lingering lunch.  And as always — the conversation was much better than the food.

Finally — after much much much wandering and looking — I ran into @rushtonh — Rushton is a good guy — one of the best.  Very wonderful keynote presenter but (when you get a chance) talk with him about things other than tech.   He has grand stories…..and he is also a great listener!!   About this time I also  finally connected with @dgrice and plans for dinner began to formulate.

Unfortunately, there were 2 places I should have been at the same time.   The DEN group was having a dinner as well as the Google Certified Teacher Group.   I am a member of both — but still feel I am on the fringe rather than involved — but I also knew I could not do both events since they were sit down dinners.   So, Barbara and I decided to head over to the GCT dinner.

What fun!!  I sat with Barbara and @bbray and @pronovost (Cue’s emerging teacher of the year) and nearby to @alicekeeler and was within viewing of @markwagner and @k_shelton  and @dowbiggen and so many other nice people.   My favorite part of the evening was the game where we had to match what people had done with who the person was.   I don’t remember them all — but wow…..some people REALLY REALLY have some interesting stories to tell.  (I will see if I can find the list of events!)

–On a quick sidenote — I am going to do all I can to introduce @pronovost and @ryanbretag if I ever have a chance to get them F2F.  I know I can introduce them virtually — but wow, I look forward to the day these two meet.  Both are fantastic guys — at the beginning of their career (unlike so many of us who are rounding our last corner!) — and both awesome thinkers!  For some reason — I see a book in their future.

But I digress —
Onward to the next day — many many more friends to meet —
Was on a panel with John, Barbara, and @garystager — (should be a blog post all on its own) and also shared at the Google Certified session —  but biggest part of the day was the DEN event in the evening.   Got to laugh with Janita and Genny and @TechyNana and so many other DEN pals.  I very much enjoyed bingo, the SHAMROCK cookies, and trying to bounce balls to make tic tac toe.  Did not last for the full evening but very much enjoy the DEN bunch.

Saturday was my day of sitting with friends at sessions.   — I ran into my good friend – RandyM from LABaptist — sat with @brentcoley in the iMovie session (my favorite session of CUE 2012), chatted a bit with Laura Gallagher from Inspiration, and met Jonathan while eating lunch.  (looking for Jonathan’s twitter id still!)

Jonathan was the unexpected moment of CUE 2012.  Poor guy — he is just sitting there eating lunch and I noticed his name tag said speaker — so I said “so Jonathan — what are you speaking on” and put him on the spot.  But he was gracious and shared with both Adina and I all about his session and his enjoyment of literature.  Found out later we follow each other on twitter.    Very very nice guy — articulate, pleasant, filled with good ideas……and once I remember his twitter name — please follow him on twitter.

I ended CUE 2012 with driving @rushtonh to the airport in Ontario.  I so enjoy chatting with him — and he was so tired but so gracious!!   Hope hope hope to see him again soon.

There were many many things I learned while at CUE — but always so happy to meet up with friends!
Yep, I am.




  1. Sounds like another fun CUE. I really missed being there, seeing my friends, and all the great ideas shared. I missed talking to you! Hope you are going to ISTE! You are so gracious to try to remember all those who made your CUE this year so memorable.

  2. Jennifer says:

    We thought we had a Janice siting at CUE — but I guess we did not.
    It appears that I going to get to go to ISTE but particulars are still being worked out.
    Let’s plan on a BUNCH of meetups!!

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