The Question You Need To Ask …

During the summer & fall of 2015, there will be several (hopefully MANY) opportunities that you will have to participate in conferences and edcamps.

Right now, many people are getting ready to share at these conferences/edcamps — getting their powerpoints/keynotes/slideshares/prezis/google docs/etc finetuned for sharing words of wisdom with you.

Some will be seasoned speakers — some will be first time speakers — some will fall somewhere in between.

You will also run into people sharing at poster sessions, birds of a feather, after parties, meal meetups, tours, lounges, hall ways, etc…..

Whatever the case —
I encourage you to be bold and raise your hand or turn to your neighbor and ask the following question (even in they don’t have a time for questions).

Please  — ask WHY?
*  Why is this important to learning?
*  Why is this important to my campus?
*  Why is this necessary?
*  Why does this make a difference?
*  Why will this change what we already do?
*  Why will my teachers be more effective?
*  Why should I care?
*  Fill in your own WHY

and when you get your answer — ASK WHY again….and again….if you need to.

Don’t do this to be annoying, pompous, or judgmental — but ask to get clarity, deeper thought, honest reflection, alternative options, and more.

You are going to be overflowing with ideas — with suggestions — with “you must” and “bells and whistles” and “shiny” and opportunities that will make you say “OH YEAH” —
but stop first — and Ask WHY.

Because the WHY needs to be driving the decision.
Why will this make a difference on our campus?
Why is this difference important on our campus?

The WHY needs to lead to a firmer understanding that what you are doing is not a WHIM or just “ohhh pretty”….but will be the right choice for you, for your students, for your campus, for your staff, for your district….etc.

The why will clarify “WHY” whatever is being shared, might be something you need to investigate further.
Just my thoughts today

Please feel free to add yours …

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  1. Gail Lovely says:

    Yep, yep, yep!

    Or my shorter version “So what?”

    Good reminder Jen.

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