The Year In Review

Well, it is May 25th…..and thus endth another school year of hosting projects for teachers and classrooms around the world.

And as always — it is good to go back and reflect on what has happened, what worked, what needs improvement and what is next.

Summer Project For Teachers
This was a fun project but we had some issues with sharing images and it is hard to keep up momentum during the summer.  But I can honestly say that “wow, I have friends who travel to some truly interesting spots during their summer breaks.”
I am still deciding whether to host this project again this summer.   I need to learn how to use FLICKR in a more productive way so that others can upload images.

O.R.E.O. 2011
This was the 13th year of this project and it just continues to combine math, fun, collaboration, and creativity in so many unique ways.   People are already asking “when is the next O.R.E.O. project” and traditionally it is the last 2 weeks of September and first week of October!!  (mark your calendars now.)   I truly LOVE the sculptures part of this project!  We will be celebrating the 100th birthday of the oreo cookie this upcoming project and I look forward to even more fun and learning!

The Pumpkin Seed Project
So simple, but yet so educational!!
I added some new resources/ideas/worksheets this year and also freely shared them at Teachers Pay Teachers — thus introducing Projects By Jen to even more classrooms!
Teachers enjoy this project and it will be repeated again in the fall.

Holiday Card Project
Everyone really enjoys this project and we keep growing and growing.
Though snail mail is so old-fashioned now to so many — the excitement of getting cards via the post office still is such a joy to our kids.    This project brings a smile to almost everyone’s face and really really is a crowd pleaser (and a great bulletin board too!)

Picture It!
I personally LOVED this project!!   Classrooms working together on individual pieces of art which came together to form 1 piece of art was priceless.   There are few little tweaks that need to happen next year but all in all, this was just a project to remember and to repeat.

St. Patrick’s Day
Two teachers on my own campus joined in this project (finally) and really saw the possibilities of trying something new in their classroom that works!!  Plus, many many other classrooms joined in as well.   Some things need to be reworked on this project – but it continues to be a favorite.

The Great Egg Roll
Back by popular demand, the great egg was welcomed with open arms.  Whether students are rolling eggs or dressing them up for a fashion show, there is plenty of excitement and learning happening.  I want to be able to add video to this project but still working out some of the issues.

Charlotte’s Web
This project was a last minute replacement for “Parking Space – A Salute to National Parks – which was postponed to 2013….” and though it was fun, it hit so many classrooms at a very busy “testing” time.   We did have a great simultaneous reading of when Charlotte and Wilbur first meet and the Voice Thread had some entries.  But pretty much, this project never truly got rolling.   We will try it again soon!

Guess the Wordle
I have learned so much through Guess the Wordle that even if no one visited the site, I would still make them.   Next year, I hope to have more themes and perhaps take the Level 2’s to Level 3’s but personally, for something that started out as a “hey, why don’t we try…….and now has survived for 2 years and over 1,000 wordles”, I am pretty pleased.

Total Count for 2011/2012
Look What I Did        125 Participants
O.R.E.O. Project        19,156 Participants
Pumpkin Seed            6,570 Participants
Holiday Card              22,500 Participants
Picture It                     5,100 Participants
St. Patrick’s Day        6,706 Participants
Great Egg Roll            3,434 Participants
Charlotte’s Web         1,500 Participants
Guess The Wordle     83,094 Participants
GRAND TOTAL:         148,185 Participants

The 2012/2013 Calendar for projects will be posted June 20, 2012.  (just in time for ISTE)
And remember you can follow the projects on Facebook ( or join our Edmodo group at

And now — I think I will go take a nap!




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  1. Kimberly Burke says:

    Wow! I too love all your projects. I think I love them just as much as my students. Not sure what grade I will have next year yet – still negotiating, but I know that I will definitely make the projects fit. Great job and yes, you deserve a nap.

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