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My very first ISTE was in Philadelphia in 2005.  I had won 2 awards/prizes that paid my way to the conference.

I was a scared little bunny — overwhelmed, shy, out of my comfort zone, and left inspired — but still left a scared little bunny who had met no one new.

I even went to the NEW to NECC session but pretty much — I was wondering alone.   (my fault — perhaps — but in a conference with well over 13,000 people — it is easy to fade into the woodwork, it is easy to go unnoticed, it is easy to be invisible — if you choose)

So — today — as I thought back to what I wished I had know — I started to share tips out on twitter.  And thought, I would also share them here as well.

Though they are numbered 1 – 30 — they are not ordered by importance, just by thought.



Tip #1 — Bring a multiple plug usb charger — Great way to make new friends.

Tip 2: Look for ribbons on badges— Say “hey” to First Timers and ask advice from returnees.

Tip 3: If you have no one to eat a meal with — head over to the Welcome Lounge in the Grand Hall & invite someone to join you

Tip 4: If you see a speaker ribbon, follow them — see what session they attend (or are leading) OR ask what they are sharing

Tip 5: Attend Attend Attend the POSTER sessions — ALL of them. You learn much in a short amount of time

Tip 6: Wear layers…..the conference rooms can be chilly. (Sun and Wed might have rain)

Tip 7: If you need a opening question: ask someone what Educational Book they would recommend and why

Tip 8: Don’t miss the keynotes — and especially don’t miss (real teacher/real stories)

Tip 9: Don’t be so busy that you don’t notice your surroundings — notice what might not be noticed yet

Tip 10: Be bold to ask a question of a speaker — not to be pompous — but to stir the conversation 

Tip 11: Don’t be quick to judge…you have not taught that persons class, worked at that persons school, lived that persons life

Tip 12: Wear comfy shoes …Yet, go ahead and be amazed at the ladies who are able to wear high heels all day

Tip 13: Eavesdrop often…..there are many conversations — tune into some. If comfy, join the conversation too. 

Tip 14: Download the ISTE app

Tip 15: Get to starbucks line early….get to keynote sessions early…..get to any session that says google or apps early

Tip 16: Participate in Global Education Day, June 28th: 2-5 PM: Room 103BC 

Tip 17: Bring munchies and water. Bring extra to make new friends

Tip 18: Visit the Bloggers Café on the Level 3 overlook – hopefully meet other bloggers — & take the time to write a post too!!

Tip 19: Take advantage of the AFTER HOUR events — Karaoke, Tweetwood Mac at Hard Rock Cafe, etc

Tip 20: Do not leave without making contact with 5 people that you will keep in touch with throughout the next year.

Tip 21: Visit the exhibit hall and watch for ideas of substance – talk w/ vendors, ask good questions

Tip 22: Be on the lookout to meet (part of DoInk Green screen team) and say “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU” –

Tip 23: Be on the lookout to meet (host of Global Read Aloud) and say “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU”

Tip 23a: Be on the lookout to meet and wish him well on his move to Shanghai (missing him already)

Tip 24: Use the ISTE hashtag when sharing —

Tip 25: View as much as you can with the vision of your school campus and not only YOUR classroom needs

Tip 26: Join the the conversation at this Birds Of a Feather session:

Tip 27: Go learn about ISTE Iron Chef and perhaps be chosen to share:

Tip 28: Introduce people you know — to people they don’t know yet

Tip 29: Bring business cards/ qr code cards / something with your info on it — to share when people ask:

Tip 30: Enjoy the conference — be sure to LEARN something that IMPACTS your classroom far beyond the conference

So what would you add to the list — please share

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  1. If you’re unable to make it, I’ll be hosting the backchannel chats via 81Dash at and Join me!

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