Unexpected at ISTE12

I just returned from the ISTE12 conference in San Diego — and this is the FIRST of several posts I will share about this experience.

As always, the conference was grand — but there were some special moments — some unexpected moments — some being in the RIGHT PLACE at the right time moments….and I thought I would share them first.

1.  I was excited to hear Sir Ken…so I got into line 2 hours BEFORE he was to speak.    As I waited, a lady with a walkie talkie was entering the room and I said, “Can I follow you in?” and she said, “If you volunteer as a paper helper (putting ads on the chairs) we will let you mark you spots first.”  So I ran upstairs, signed up to be a volunteer, and ran back downstairs to help lay papers.   After only 5 minutes of volunteering, all the volunteers were called over — we were done — and we were told we could mark our seats.   I asked the lady if I still could, since I only had helped for 5 minutes and she said “Of course”….and that is how I ended up 4 rows from Sir Ken.

2.  For the second day of the DEN event — on Saturday — I decided to try something totally different and host the O.R.E.O. project with grownups and then turn it into a digital story activity.   At first they were hesitant — and then they FLEW with ideas.   Some people came back to say it was their FAVORITE session of the entire day.

3.  During the O.R.E.O. project, I was informed that oreos are now kosher — and during that conversation, I was also informed that oreos have palm oil in them.    Jump forward to the final keynote….with Dr. Willie Smits – and a little bit more info about palm oil — the O.R.E.O. project will change this year.   I am still working out the details — but because one comment on Saturday, many comments on Wednesday — there will be a difference in the O.R.E.O. project.

4.  FOUR separate times….having a car came in handy.   I was blessed to have Dean Mantz and Dean Shareski in my car, Jon Becker, Ben Grey, and David Jakes in my car, Lee Kolbert in my car, and Carolyn Foote in my car — for 20 minutes or more.  Unexpected but extremely grand.

5.  I had spent Saturday at the DEN event — and had not been able to attend the Edublogger Con.  But as soon as DEN was over, I dashed over to see everyone.   Hugs began — and I saw MANY MANY people I enjoy being with.   I saw Maria Knee and wandered over to say Hello and just before I hugged her, I glanced to the right — and there was SHARON PETERS.   I had not known she had come in from Africa.   Sharon and I had been the two original founders of Women of the Web.

6.  On the way to meet friend on Coronado — I got lost and ended up at the Naval Air Station North Island – where they took my drivers license and made me wait for clearance.   I met 2 of the nicest Navy guys — sadly not Maverick or Goose — but do now have a story of getting lost on Coronado — that I am sure will expand with details as I get older.   🙂

7.  On Sunday, I posted out a tweet that I was heading over to Balboa Park and had space in the car.  Christine responded and I picked her up about 90 minutes later.   Not only did we have a nice walk around the park — but I found out that SHE loves theater as much as I do….and I finally got to chat about WICKED with someone who understood.

I am sure this list will grow as my week of ISTE12 and DEN become more coherent as my mind shuffles through all the memories….

so consider this — just a start.


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