We’re Going Green…..

Green Screen that is!!!

In fact, we painted an entire wall green.

So today — for 5th grade — we started making our NEWSCAST screen shots.   This is our prelim into Video.

We talked first about newscasts, diving a screen into thirds to allow space for background, etc.

Then we opened keynote and created a green slide background with a horizontal bar with names.   (students changed fonts, colors, size as they wished)

Looked something like this:

Then the students took turns taking pictures of each others — with the microphone –

and it looked something like this:


The picture is of our Children’s Pastor, Tony!!

We ran out of time — so next week — we will wander to the playground and take pictures.  Something like this:

Then, using the DO-INK app, we will combine all three shots into 1 shot!


Once we get that done, we will transfer the pictures to our laptops and create posters using Publisher, or big huge labs, or Fireworks.   Not sure yet which!

Engagement was huge.   Students who “understood” the keynote app were wandering helping those who did not.   The picture taking was hysterical.   All in all — a lot was learned in a very creative way.

I love my job!


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