Who Will Carry On….When You Move On

This past week, I was following the tweets of the “Titanic” at https://twitter.com/#!/titanicrealtime

When I saw this:


and then the twitter feed stopped.

I kept refreshing my page, waiting for an update…..when suddenly it occurred to me, if this was true (meaning twitters had happened during the Titanic sinking) the communication would have ceased.  And possibly silenced…..unless someone had planned ahead.


Which caused me to wonder……..

Do you have a plan for your “message” to continue on…..if you were silenced?
(whether this be by moving to a new job/location or other possibilities?)

Are you working with someone(s) else that could and would carry on if you were no longer the one carrying the message?

If you are the only person with “vision” on your campus, hopes, goals, thoughts, expectations, plans, etc for assisting your campus to become a campus of opportunities….what will happen when you are no longer there?

I encourage you to start looking for people to partner with, to share goals, thoughts, hopes, plans, etc with…..

So in the case that you might be silenced……communication continues.

Just my thoughts today

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