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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Have You Been Hosting Projects?

I started hosting online projects in 1999. The first project was an Oreo Project which was set up originally to collect data for a science fair project and the thought of collecting data on the internet seemed to be fun and interesting. Though the project was overwhelming with ALL that had to be learned; it turned out to be great fun -- AND an annual event.

Who Can Join A Project?

PreK - Sixth Grade classrooms worldwide are invited to be a part of our projects. The only rule is that YOU HAVE FUN!!!

Do All Your Projects Involve Food?

No, but a great many of them do. Let's face it -- the more senses you use when learning, the better the possibility will be that you will remember what you learned. The main reason that oreos, candys, and cereals are used is that they offer so many possibilities!! With so many schools not allowing food in classes, PBJ has also started to move from projects with food as well.

Is There A Cost To Participate?

There is never a cost to join in a project. However, you will probably have to spend a small amount on the supplies needed for the project. We try to keep the cost under $10 per class. For example: a bag of Oreos is $2.49; a box of Froot Loops was approximately $3.50. Most classes need just 2 boxes/bags of whatever project we are working with.

What Grade Level Are Most Of The Projects Aimed At?

Though our projects are able to be used by ALL grades from PreK through Sixth, I have to say that most of the Lesson Ideas and Worksheets are aimed at the 3rd grade level. This is not because I love 3rd grade, but because it seems that most everything can easily be adapted either up or down from that grade level!

What Is Projects By Jen?

Projects By Jen is a website for teachers created by a teacher who wants EVERYONE to bring fun back into teaching. You will always get useful (and fun ideas) to use with your classroom!
My journey to also included and then -- same projects, different websites but is our final home!

How Do You Create The Groups For Holiday Card?

I sort the spreadsheet by LOCATION . I do a little bit of math to figure out how many groups I will mingle US and outside USA.
I then numbered down 1-30(ish) on the each spreadsheet and then SORT.
THEN I start copy/pasting each group to its OWN spreadsheet.
After groups are made, I double check for duplications or overlapping schools.
I also rearrange when I get an email that someone wishes to drop out and add names from the waiting list..

When Did You Host Your First Project?

In 1999, I attended a Classroom Connect Conference and heard about David Warlick's Grocery Project. It seemed a bit complex for me and I wondered quite a while
on how to narrow it down a bit. The idea of the oreo cookie came to mind, since there are several ways people eat them. So in December of 1999, I blasted out an
email to an email server I belonged to asking them to poll their students on how they ate the cookie based on 5 options. over 125 people responded.....and that was
the beginning of my hosting projects.

Do You Make Money Off Your Projects?

Projects By Jen has always been freely hosted. I do have a "donation button" I sometimes link to but more often than not, I don't post it. I am not affiliated with any big companies or underwritten in anyway. The cost of the website is about $125 a year and with the availability of google docs.....the time registering, collecting data, and sharing results is pretty quick.


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